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This site has been designed so that you will have quick and easy access to Axway Secure Client software and Technical Support. Axway Secure Client provides the capability to transfer files over private networks or the internet. Once you give your contact information, you will immediately have them shared with the sales team that will speed up the purchase process. If you need additional assistance with your order, please email us at

Note: If you are an existing Axway customer and have a valid support contract, purchasing the Secure Client is not needed. Please login to the Axway Customer Support Portal to download Secure Client 6.4 Service Pack 3 (SP3) at

 Axway Secure Client Licensing and Set-up Materials

The Axway price to Federal Reserve Bank customers includes only the software subscription with the support included. Each Secure Client subscription comes with the activation code.

The offer being a subscription one, the e-support is included as part of the offer. However, this covers only operational issues and product defects. Installation issues are not covered under support packages. A Quick Start package is required for any installation issues encountered. The subscription offer is giving you the access to Axway's World Class Support Team, via email, during the duration of your subscription.

Technical documentation for the Secure Client is included with the product purchase below. The Federal Reserve Bank documentation (Quick Start Guide) that is included in your package is intended for Check 21-enabled services. For specific configuration settings related to all other Federal Reserve Bank Services, please refer to the FedLine Command® documentation provided to the EUAC (End User Authorization Contact) at your institution.

Price (USD)

Axway Secure Client 6.4 SP3 for Windows x86-32

Starting at $996/year for 3 year subscription engagement

Axway Secure Client 6.4 SP3 for Linux (Redhat_SUSE)

Starting at $996/year for 3 year subscription engagement

  Axway Quick Start Package

For assistance installing Axway Secure Client 6.4SP3, a Quick Start Package is available to customers.

Customers requiring assistance with the installation and configuration of Axway Secure Client may purchase a Quick Start package. This optional service entitles you to call Axway Global Support within 90 days of purchase to schedule a web session with an Axway Technical Support Engineer (TSE). At the arranged time, the TSE will establish a web session with your team and walk through the installation and configuration of Secure Client. The session will conclude with the successful exchange of a test transaction with the Federal Reserve Banks.Communication and coordination with the Federal Reserve Banks is required to validate testing.

Please note: The Quick Start service can also be purchased by existing Axway Secure Client customers who would like help installing a version upgrade.

Quick Start Package
Price (USD)

Axway Quick Start Package - For assistance installing Axway Secure Client 6.4 SP3


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